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Dr. Alan Creed D.C. P.A. |1427 Ponce de Leon BlvdCoral GablesFL33134 | (305) 446-1718
Dr. Alan Creed D.C. P.A.
1427 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral GablesFL 33134
 (305) 446-1718
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Dr. Creed fully understands the burden of an injury. As a once man who used a wheelchair himself, he decided to dedicate his career to chiropractic care and start Dr. Alan Creed, DC, a chiropractic practice dedicated to being the difference in your life. With more than 30 years of experience, he has become the go-to doctor for patients dealing with pain, injury, spinal problems, and more. Through this non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, patients can get back to living their lives pain-free. Ready to be remobilized? Give Dr. Creed a call to schedule an appointment.

A Doctor Who Gets Results

Chiropractic care is not validated by how many patients the doctor sees regularly; this type of care should be validated by the results the chiropractor produces. Dr. Creed has been in business since 1980, and he knows how to deliver and gets results! He is so passionate about the work that he does, that he teaches, gives lectures in the field, and is even an author in the subject. These are all reasons why he is considered to be utmost in his discipline. 

Dr. Creed has spent his many years in his practice helping clients heal and experience relief from pain. He accomplishes this by applying numerous modalities, styles, and techniques to increase functional capacities. A unique, comprehensive, health experience is the outcome for his patients, just as Dr. Creed experienced himself after an automobile accident left him disabled for eight years. 

He uses many chiropractic and acupuncture techniques, including his own Neural Kinetic Integration Technique. His work is a powerful, non-surgical solution to disc repair, sciatic nerve, TMJ disorder, migraines, chronic pain, digestive issues, text neck, and more. When you work with Dr. Creed, expect to see the results you need to enjoy life to its fullest.

Dr. Creed's Chiropractic Services

  • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
  • Pain Relief Chiropractic and Acupuncture Techniques
  • Sciatic Injured Disc
  • Health Quality Improvement
  • Scoliosis Treatment

What Patients Are Saying

"Extremely professional office. {Dr. Creed makes} every visit is enjoyable and they really care to make your life better by working with you on your spine related problems! Life changing for me." — Jose F.

"I had some back pain and had never utilized the services of a chiropractor. Dr. Creed and his staff, led by Maria, are truly amazing. I felt so much better after visiting the office and plan on visiting again soon. I would highly recommend Dr. Creed to anyone seeking pain relief and a better way of life." — John D.

Get Relief

Whether dealing with minor neck pain caused by too much time spent texting or coping with a traumatic injury, let Dr. Creed be the person to help you. When you work with him and his team of chiropractors, you will see results. To get pain relief now, call (305) 446-1718 to schedule an appointment!

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